About Us

Maganda Rain Virgin Hair Co

Maganda Rain is a family-owned wholesale company that specializes in providing 100% virgin hair extensions, wigs, and eyelashes. Our goal is to provide stylists, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs with a trusted source of factory-direct, high-quality raw and virgin hair materials, excellent customer service, and user-friendly technology.
As a brand, we see ourselves not only as a supplier of quality hair extensions, but also as a source of inspiration and information for those who are interested in starting their own beauty business or pursuing other entrepreneurial opportunities. We believe that by providing quality products, excellent customer service, and education, we can help others succeed in the beauty industry.
Promoting self-love and self-care within the community is a core value of Maganda Rain. We believe that feeling good and taking care of yourself should be a priority for everyone. We strive to create a culture of self-care and self-love within our community, and we hope to inspire others to do the same.
The name Maganda Rain comes from the belief that rain is revered as the blood of life and can bring change, just like our hair extensions and wigs bring confidence and convenience to our customers - Experience the Rain



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